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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Real Bigfoot: The Patterson Sasquatch Enhanced

From: brainsandgravy

Zack Clothier's article with an analysis of the casts made at Bluff Creek by Patterson:

This shows the Patterson/Gimlin sasquatch film footage stabilized and zoomed in. Its meant to show the complexity of the creature. The arms are proportionally too long to be a human's, yet you can see the fingers flexing. You can also clearly see the creature's breasts, as well as areas of the body that have little or no hair, such as under the arm where it swings when she walks. You can also see muscles moving such as the large gluteus maximus, thigh, and back muscles. Enhancements were done by M.K. Davis.

"The Patterson footage has never been debunked as a hoax. No one has ever demonstrated how it was done. Neither the original "costume," nor a matching costume, has ever been presented by honest skeptics, nor by various imposters who claim to have worn the costume."

Large amounts of money have been spent trying to make a matching costume. The best Hollywood costume design talents have been brought to the task, but have never succeeded. The British Broadcasting Corporation spent the most money so far. They failed miserably. The side-by-side results are shown here.

Every attempt and failure to make a similar costume strengthens the case for authenticity of the Patterson footage. Comparing a man in a costume side by side with the Patterson creature in motion helps highlight the striking anatomical peculiarities.

"Many people have noted that the arms of the creature in the film look unusually long, almost as long as its legs. Some, including myself in 1968, have published estimates of their length. No one went on to deal with the question of how human arms could be extended to match the extra length and what such an extension would look like.

There is no way to establish for certain if any of the dimensions estimated for the creature in the film are accurate, but what can be established with reasonably accuracy is the length of the creature's legs and arms in relation to one another. From that ratio, which anatomists call the "intermembral index", it is simple to calculate how many inches must be added to the arms of a man of known size in order to make his arms long enough to fit the supposed suit."

In my own case the answer turns out to be about 10 inches. But in order for the arms to bend at the elbow, which they plainly do in the movie, all of that extra length has to be added to the lower arm.

The result, in my case, is about 12 inches of arm above the elbow and 29 inches below it—almost as much of a monstrosity as Edward Scissorhands.

The creature in the movie has normal-looking arms."

John Green


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