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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cat and Orbs

This video was directed by Constantine99999. He said:
Cats are traditionally regarded as having psychic ability. Throughout history, cats have been linked to the paranormal whether through witchcraft or having a 6th sense ability. So we decided to put the theory to practice on orbs. If orbs are dust, surely a cat couldn`t detect them as a psychic presence as cat`s don`t have infrared vision. A simple enough premise. Here is the result, so judge for yourself..

Constantine99999 is a paranormal investigator with Haunted Earth, UK. He also have mediumship ability which forms part of his work. He also developing new equipment to assist in paranormal research.

He have developed a new infrared illuminator for serious ghost hunters.
Check it out at: Here

So..what do you think? Is it true that orbs is a kind of ghost or what? Spirit?


Sunshine said...

ewwww... thats a scary thought... but someone told me before dogs can also sense those "unseen" by our naked eyes

AngkarA said...

maybe all animals can sense those 'unseen' . Hmm..

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